Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Simple Ghost Headband/Barrette Craft

Here is a ridiculously simple project to get you in the Halloween spirit.
Last year I paid $5 for a ghost barrette for my daughter...and we lost it.  So I figured I could go out and find another one, or I could make about ten of them for $5 (and probably an additional 10 for all of her friends).

Start by purchasing some generic metal hair clips.  I purchased a whole package of them for $3 at Sally Beauty Supply.  

I then purchased varying sizes of ribbon.  For the body of the ghost I used 1 1/2" thick.

Glue the thinner white ribbon around the outside and up the middle of one side of the clip.  I used a quick drying glue so I was not stuck holding it in place for more than a few seconds. 
(You could actually skip this step entirely if you purchased the clip with the ribbon already on it, you can find numerous colors at Hobby Lobby)

Cut the body of your ghost using the large ribbon.  Create the bow by crisscrossing equal lengths of thin ribbons.  Glue into place.

Glue on the eyes.

You can then glue your prepared clip to the back of your ghost.

 Or you can glue the ghost directly to the  it side of a headband.  I picked up a few black and orange plain satin ones for $1 each at Walmart.

So there you have it, five minutes from start to finish.
Pretty spooktacular if you ask me.

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